Lost Lore Notes 2: Dysfunctional Family

Lost Lore Notes 2

Dysfunctional Family

Lost Lore Notes 1: Fantasy Island

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Fantasy Island

The 2-Bit Podcasters Episode 62

The 2-Bit Podcasters

Episode 62


“Man in Black” finally has a name…

For all those people who were pissed off because the amazing series finale didn’t answer enough questions, here you go.  “The Man in Black”, aka “Esau”, aka “Smokey”, aka, “Smoke Monster”, aka “Man in Locke”, aka “Locke-ness Monster”, aka “that guy that wants to kill Jacob”, finally has a name.  Confirmation comes from the LOST Auction of the actor, Titus Welliver’s, directors chair.  And that name is…

wait for it…


Ta-dah!  OMG that makes everything so much better!  Everything makes sense now.  6 years of my life no longer wasted.

So what does everybody think?  Answers are good right?  Right?

It’s actually a good name for him.  It keeps with the underlying biblical allusion of the show.  Though I understand why they didn’t reveal his name during the series.  They probably wanted to keep people from thinking that these two (Jacob and MIB) were actual people from history, or they just didn’t want people to look too much into it.  He was, for all intensive purposes, a completely new and original character.  And I for one am still going to call him MIB.


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